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Please feel free to call the Swancreek Township Zoning Inspector at 419-822-4371 ext. 225 or 567-454-2047.

Any zoning restrictions must have a reasonable relationship to public health, safety, morals, or general welfare.  Ohio law provides for the submission of a zoning plan to the electors of the township.  A zoning permit is required for most improvements within the zoned area. You can pick up a permit at the Township Administration Building or print one off below. Our Zoning department consists of two boards as well as the Zoning Inspector.

Any alteration, change of use to land or a structure, or any placement of a new structure must be in compliance with Swancreek Township Zoning Requirements/Resolution. If you have any questions regarding zoning, obtaining a zoning permit, etc. please call the Swancreek Township Administration Office at 419-822-4371.

Please note that fees are tripled if construction has started before a zoning application has been submitted and approved.


Alternate board member positions are available for the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Meetings vary from twice a month to as needed.  You will be making decisions that affect all of Swancreek Township. Please email or send a letter of interest to 5565 Co. Rd D, Delta, OH 43515.