Construction will soon begin on Road 2 with the replacement of Bridge 2A.4 over Blue Creek, 0.4 miles north of Road A. The tentative date for the road closure is set for Monday, May 9, 2022. The project has a completion date of July 15th. For more information, read the full notice below:
Please be aware that there is a violation fee of $100.00 if you do not obtain a driveway or lawn permit when installing or changing anything in the Township Road right of way. If you have any questions regarding if a permit is needed, please contact the Township office at 419-822-4371 or by email at office.mail2@swancreektwp.org.
Swancreek Township is seeking candidates for the following vacancies:

• One Vacancy-Zoning Commission
• One Vacancy-Board of Zoning Appeals
• One Alternate for Each Board

Interested? Download the application here.
Swancreek Township Community Cleanup Day Save the Date: September 10, 2022. Tentatively Scheduled.
Swancreek Township Community Cleanup Day is tentatively scheduled for September 10, 2022. Save the date!


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