The Township will be notified no less than two (2) business days prior to the time of interment. Notification of a Monday service must be received no later than 1:00 p.m. on the previous Thursday. All graves will be dug by the cemetery employees.


Please be advised that all flowers, potted plants or decorations must be removed from the ground from April 1st through November 30th due to the mowing and maintenance of the cemeteries. During the mowing season decorations shall be kept in urns and stone saddles, not on the ground.**


Swanton Cemetery, 7255 Co. Rd. 1-1 (Centerville Road)

Raker Cemetery, Co. Rd. D & Co. Rd. 6-1

Shiloh Cemetery, Co. Rd. 5 & Co. Rd. B

St. John’s Cemetery, Co. Rd. 4 between Co. Rd. D & Co. Rd. C

Keen Cemetery, Co. Rd. 5-2 between Co. Rd. E & Co. Rd. D

If you would like grave sale information, please call the
Administration Office:  419-822-4371

Foundation Rates:

Cemetery Foundation & Grave Rates: Per Resolution 118-18 Effective 6/4/18 All grave spaces sold at Swancreek Township Cemeteries will include the footer fee. All grave spaces will be charged at $370.00 per grave (this $370 includes the cost of the $170 foundation). Per Resolution 148-19 Effective 8/28/19 Swancreek Township no longer will be offering a discounted double foundation rate for graves. Graves purchased prior to 6/4/18 that were sold without a foundation: $170 to pour a Single Foundation: $340 to pour a Double Foundation

**Price of concrete subject to change per market value. Swancreek Township will assess prices at time of pour.
New foundations are poured in May and October.  If a foundation is poured during another month, there will be an extra charge.

Indigent resident: Resolution #05-46.

In the event a township resident has deceased and is proved to be indigent the township requires a direct cremation at the township’s expense. The cremains will be scattered in the Township’s choice of cemeteries, or the cremains will be given to the family. The option of donating the body to amedical college will also be allowed.

This policy is regulated by Ohio Revised Code #5101.52.1 and #1713.34.

REFUNDS:  For unwanted and unused graves will be made at the cost to the buyer at the time of purchase, per township records.

SALES, resale, or transfers of lots or graves will be made by Swancreek Township, and handled by the Fiscal Officer.

TRANSFERS, of graves will be a charge of $15.00

Any SPECIAL INSTALLATION or extra work will be charged  a fee plus any other costs incurred, such as short load on concrete.

Notice must be given to the Township if any REMOVAL OF HEADSTONES are to take place.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations Including Burial Procedures revised 8/17/20

Please call for pricing

Heir’s Transfer Form

Burial Notice

Grave & Foundation Purchase Form

Swanton Cemetery Map

Raker Cemetery Map

Shiloh Cemetery Map