Rick Kazmierczak Board Chairman

Board Chairman Rick Kazmierczak

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  1. From my recent experiences with the tonship I can conclude that the Good Ole Boys system is alive and well in Swan Creek Township. I was drug thru the coals about cleaning my place up ( am disabled with mobility and other issues) Called into court 4 times and finally charges were dismissed. After roughly 2 years of jumping thru hoops. In april I complained the first time about the neighbor having poles of concrete scrap fire wood and scrub 3 ft high on their property. I have sent this 3 more times to the township thru contact on website. Mr and Mrs Wylie have done nothing to correct this. The scrub, concrete, and fire wood piles are visable from the road. I can conclude if you are a commissioner you can do whatever you want. It appears they are mowing back to the poles letting the rest grow up to hide them. I was told by Mr Hallet that I had to Keep mowed to 8″ if visable from road or neighbors property. On3 of the court hearings it was me and the prosecutor ( no one from township showed up) trying to figure out the issues. Never was was I contacted face to face about these issues or present when property was inspected. $ times my Daughter was forced to take off of work to take me to court load and unload wheel chair and wait for me with the 3 grandsons. We have been threatened by one neighbor, intimidated by another ( drove by and yelled profanities at Daughter and grandsons playing in front yard) during this. I no longer feel safe on my property.

    To put all this in perspective when I was younger and growing up in the area we didn’t play these games with the old and disabled we took a little time and helped them, mowed, cleared snow, did maitenence and upkeep. all the neighbors did this. Now it way different things change but is it always for the better?
    When Wylies moved in next to me and wanted the pond I allowed them to use my side yard to store and burn the trees they cut down. I borrowed a tractor and cable to pull the willow over that was next to their house. the dirt was piled in my side yard when pond was dug. They did grade it out, so that it flowed to their pond changing natural flow of water. 2 Springs ago they took down a hardwood tree on my side of the property line from my property with out asking to “improve her view of my property. Their pond and attitude has became the biggest pain in my backside I have.

  2. I have been asking questions since April thru contact and the last one here. The last time I possed these questions was here in this section about 4 weeks ago. Since I have yet to receive an answer or reply to any of my questions in this time period, and have seen no changes in the piles of concrete fire wood or the scrub growth on the commissioners property next door to me, I will now be contacting the STate attorney generals office about the “good old boys system” being ran in swan creek township.

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